Wedding Photography FAQ’s

Q: How can I book you?

Let’s meet up over appetizers or grab a tea! You can tell me about your wedding and ask me all your questions! Then we can go from there!

Q: Do you only photograph in black and white or do you deliver images that are in color as well?

Good question! When photographing your wedding using my digital camera I photograph in both black and white as well as color. Since black and white lends itself so well to my style, and I love it, I have decided to show case it here. You will receive a mixture of both unless you only want black and white photos. The other scenario, would be if you wanted to have me photography part of your wedding in 35 or 120 mm film. Then you will let me know if you want your negatives shot in color or black and white.

Q: Can I add hours on to a package so that I can have you photograph longer?

You bet! You can decide that up front or the day of the wedding.

Q: What if I only want digital files and not an album?

Since I believe these moments are worthy of lasting a lifetime and beyond, I would encourage you to ponder on that as well. Digital files can be fleeting, forgotten, and ever changing. An heirloom album and museum quality prints are lasting. I am invested in you getting not only quality photos but also lasting memories of the occasion. So in the case you only want digital files, let’s chat, and allow me to convince you of the value of making your wedding memories tangible! Then you can see which way you would like to navigate.

Yes, of course! I design an album layout with the images from your wedding celebration. Then over a nice bottle of champagne we look at a live preview of the entire album. It’s a really special day! It will be the first time you view all of your images so it’s like reliving your wedding but also getting to see moments you have never seen before. While you were living in the moment I worked hard to captured the excitement that was also going on all around you! It’s always lovely and positively emotional. After the initial viewing you are welcome to make changes and make it perfectly fitting to your desires.

Q: Do I get to choose the photos that would be in my Album?

Your heirloom album will be handcrafted in by artisans in Italy. You are able to choose between a combination of the different papers, selective coating with custom effects and printing on art mattes which allows us to obtain an album unlike anything before. The cover is leather, unless you prefer otherwise. Color choices are yours. These album invites your personalities to completely shine through.

Q: Can you tell me more about the albums?

Here is a general list of items that can be added on to your package!

  • Creative Photo Sessions

    • Artistic Bridal Portraits (in studio* or on location)

    • Artistic Dress Session (aka: Trash the Dress)

    • Fantasy Photo Shoot (in studio* or on location)

    • Boudoir Session (in studio* or on location)

    • *Documentary Story Sessions (more than one session included)

  • Film photography

    • 120 mm Medium Format (Pentax 67, Pinhole, Holga)

    • 35 mm (Leica M3, Olympus M1)

  • Video of the ceremony

  • A second shooter

  • Extra hours on the wedding day

  • Photo coverage of the rehearsal dinner

  • Parent mini albums, memory book, pocket gift books, boutique box of fine art prints

  • Photographic fine art prints (archival, metal, canvas, custom framed prints)

  • Non-traditional bachelorette or bachelor party

    • event

    • trip

  • Photographic coverage for other wedding related events

    • parties

    • dinners

  • Whatever else you may want that I can accommodate for you!

Q: What are your “Add Ons”?

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, credit, checks all work.

Q: Can we do a payment plans?

Ask and you shall receive.

Q: What is my next step since I am interested in possibly hiring you?

Let’s meet up! You can click the button below to set up a ‘Coffee Date’ with me! You can also give me a call or send me an email! Before we move forward, I always like to meet in person so that we both know we are a superb match! I look forward to meeting you soon!