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Photography: Special Effects

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Create special effects in camera!

Are you comfortable with the basics of photography such as light and composition? Are you curious how to make water look like silk or lights look like stars? Max out your camera's features to create stunning special effects in-camera! Discover functions within your camera and handheld movements to create special effects. Explore long exposures, panning, motion, stop motion as well as the use of off camera flash for effects. Experimentation and creativity know no bounds in this class! Print favorite photos at the end of the week for your portfolio.

A DSLR camera is highly encouraged for class but any camera including phones are welcomed. If using a phone please bring the proper cord to upload photos from your device to the computer. Tripods and cable releases are encouraged.

Aug. 12 - 16, 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Five Meetings, Mon. - Fri.

For grades 9-12


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