Visual Content Creation


Angela Holm is a brand strategist and marketing photographer who translates what it feels like to work with you into branding you can use to build a business full of the best clients for you. Angela serves entrepreneurs who are ready to level up to the premium clients they’ve been waiting for.


Why Hire A Visual Content Creator:

"Think of a visual content creator like a boutique ad agency with a niche specialty that operates at a fraction of the price of a traditional advertising agency. This type of individual will help build a library of proprietary brand assets or help you bring a specific campaign or idea to life as your creative partner. They're able to read a brief and produce something that's in line with the company branding and objectives.

When working with content creators, throw all of your preconceived notions about audience size out the window because in this case, it is not an accurate indicator of the quality of work. Quality of work isn’t measured in double taps, it’s measured through composition, symmetry, and contrast.

Some of the world's biggest brands, not just your baby brother’s “lifestyle account”, are leveraging content creators to produce world-class visuals on a global scale."


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