Day Dreams

I was very honored to be contacted by Communal Table for a photo for this quarters article 'YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU LOVE: ON WORK AND WORKING FOR (FREE) LOVE'.

I like that this was the article my photo accompanied. It felt very appropriate to my journey. I have experienced similar scenarios to which this article references. (Please read it! It's worth your time!) It was ultimately what catapulted me into pursuing a career as a photographer when I did... Instead of just continuing on as a hobbyist (since 8 yrs of age!) I decided it was time to stop putting all my energy into job situations that held no security and just pursue what I love doing. Making Pictures!

Becoming a full-time free-lance photographer held its own risks too. However, my success now depends more on me and the work I put in rather than playing what feels like someone else's invisible game that came without instructions. 

I have officially been in business for myself since April 1st, 2016, after transitioning out of the fashion industry in October 1st, 2015. It has all been quite worth it! I am very proud and grateful to say,

"Yes, I tried and I did it... I'm still trying and I am still doing it! It is rewarding and stressful, exciting and scary but ultimately I push on and celebrate all of my marker moments big and small."

This is a marker moment for me! I am proud to say... this is my 1st published photo in a online publication which I was paid for! Thank you Communal Table and Thank you to all of you who support small business and especially artists who help make the world beautiful. 

Please share this post and the article! Let's all do what we can to support eachother!

I'm still holding onto my coin phrase that I began proclaiming when I moved to Portland in 2014.... I believe it now more than ever~

"In Portland... dreams do come true!" 

So go for it, whatever it is... Dream and Do my friends,


"Day Dreams" 2016 Angela Holm