Environmental Portraits

My desire as a storytelling photographer is to capture life uninhibited and your best self! That can be captured best by you doing what you LOVE, in the places you love. It may be a Friday night family ritual of popping popcorn and watching a movie in PJs!  As a couple you may want to relive your first date or another special moment. Perhaps it's you and your pug or brand new kitty and a day out in the city.

There are unlimited situations and potential scenarios for portraits. There are NO RULES! We get to create together. Your portraits can be completely silly or very classy, artsy or documentary: whatever story that you want to tell.

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$275 Session 1 Hrs, 1 Location

$400 Session 2 Hrs, 2 Location, 2 Looks 

Environmental Senior Portraits

Let's make this personal. You are only a High School Senior once! Generally speaking anyway! How do you want to be remembered? What are you proud of!? Let's focus on that. Maybe it's sports, art, music, academics or social involvement? Or could it be your fashion sense, creativity or even the future you are aiming towards.

Whether you are an introvert and love your quiet time alone reading and thinking or an extrovert and you cherish the your time with friends, we can make portraits that best reflect who you are. Whatever makes you tick, describes you best, that is where we begin!  It will be amazing!

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$350 Session 1 Hrs 2 Looks 1 Location

$475 Session 2 Hrs 3 Looks 2 Location

Documentary Style Story Portraits

DSSP are done over a span of time. This is a project set over months, a year or longer. It would be to document a story of progress, change or to create a historic account. A body of work full of memories!

DSSP can be of a wide variety of styles and subject matter.

Because every documentary story of this scope is unique and vastly different, to get started click the button below:

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$275 Session initially 1 Hrs 1 Location