Meet Angela


The first thing you should know about me is that I am a photographer who is a storyteller at heart.  I strive to know every person I work with and record the beauty of their lives in pictures. I favor a journalistic style in creating images that speak of the moments in your life, big or small, poignant and serendipitous.

My approach to weddings is simple: I am not there to check off a list of standard and typical wedding photos. I find that a boring approach to wedding photography and I imagine you do too. I create images that record the unique joy you experience, favoring serendipitous moments that will never happen again. I work in a calm, detail-oriented and unobtrusive fashion. In the right moments, I love collaborating to make pictures with you, not just of you.       

The photographs I make strongly focus on emotions and moments - a collection of images exclusive to your wedding. In contrast to the increasingly impermanent nature of photography today I fashion tangible artifacts and heirlooms in the form of fine art prints and albums that will be a part your family history for generations to come.                                                                         

I currently live and work in Portland, Oregon.  I have photographed all around this beautiful state and beyond for clients.  Get in touch with me! You make the memories, and I'll turn them into photographs that you can experience forever.  We'll make a great team.